6. Clothing Organization

To start, take note of your favourite accessories. 

Any accessories that you get a lot of wear out of, should be in a location that is easy to access and see.

For shoes: Consider putting in a hanging shoe organizer on your door for any pairs you don’t get a lot of wear out of. 

For hats: Any hats that you don’t want to be nicely displayed, can be stacked and put on a top shelf (depending on the type of course, but typically you want to stack like-shape with like-shape).

For purses: Any purses that don’t need to be displayed, consider using a purse hanger which can be hung at the back of your closet. 

In terms of aesthetic closet organization, I suggest taking a look at Pinterest for some inspiration. 

Have some fun and play around with different configurations. 

Here’s what I recommend starting with:

  1. Organize by color

For accessories that you wear a lot and want to display, I organize them by color. 

For example, I’ll display black boots with a black purse. 

Having your accessories already grouped means you can just grab both pieces in a rush with the knowledge that your outfit will look put together.

I organize my most worn clothing items by color as well and display those alongside my accessories. 

I like to display thicker sweaters and coordinating bottoms and accompany them with a matching purse or shoes. 

This again not only makes for a thoughtfully designed closet, but it will save you so much time in the morning since all you have to do is pair like with like. 

Just be careful not to overwhelm this area with too much clothing, which can happen if you stack too many tops.

TIP: I like to limit the number of clothing items I stack to three. 

TIP: Any clothing or accessory items on display should go in the middle section of your closet if you have one. 

This leaves space for the rest of your items that aren’t mean to be on display and gives you easy access to the items that are.

Now that you’ve stylized your favourite accessories and most worn clothing items in the easiest to access area of your closet, it’s time to move onto the rest of your clothing pieces.

For tops: 

  • Hang up any delicate tops or blouses 
  • Put items less likely to wrinkle in cabinets or drawers 
  • Organize all above items by color 
  • For added organization, further divide items by type. 

TIP: In keeping with a more aesthetic look, try to limit the number of items hung up.

HACK: Roll up any item that will go into a cabinet or drawer. 

Not only will this save space and allow you to fit more items, you’ll also be able to see every single item you have at a quick glance all while preventing wrinkles. 

Pretty awesome, huh? 

For bottoms: 

  • Hang up any dressy pants or skirts 
  • Put fewer delicate pieces or items less likely to wrinkle in cabinets or drawers
  • Organize all above items by color
  • Subdivide items going into a cabinet or drawer by type (ie. jeans, linen pants, shorts, etc.) 

Repeat this process for dresses, jackets, swimwear and any miscellaneous items. 

For formal wear you might want to consider putting these items in a category of its own. 

I like to put all items in this section, on the other side of my closet that I can’t easily access to save more closet space for items that I get more wear out of. 

For Undergarments: 

  • Keep in a separate drawer
  • Organizing by type and color 
  • For bras, line them up, one on top of the other, to maintain their shape.