5. Functionality

Based on the items that you get the most wear out of currently, place your most worn items front and centre so they are easy to access, whereas your least worn items are best placed at the back.

Don’t stress too much about clothing placement right now as this will most likely change when you start the Shop Your Closet Challenge because you’ll have a better grasp as to what deserves to remain front and center. 

Have a general outline of where you will put things before you start this section. 

This will help speed up the process while also ensuring that you are not just putting your clothes back in your closet haphazardly. 

TIP: If you don’t have a capsule wardrobe, organizing seasonally might be something to consider. 

In the summer for example, I like to put my winter coats, as well as thicker sweaters, tops and bottoms in storage bins. 

NOTE: Not all seasonal items need to go into storage. 

I like to put some of my fancier sweaters on display in my closet since they view well with other accessories (I’ll explain this more in the next step).

Similarly, not all summer items such as tank tops or t-shirts should be put in storage as these items can be used for layering in the winter, if you so choose.

I like to store out of season storage bins in the areas that are hard to reach such as the top shelf in your closet. 

This ensures you save valuable closet real estate for your clothes. 

Here’s how I like to store my clothes: 

  1. Wash and iron all clothes going into storage
  2. Ensure your storage container is completely dry (I use clear plastic storage containers)
  3. Line storage container with cotton sheets 
  4. Roll items Marie Kondo- style for maximum compactness
  5. Close lid once packing is done and store away