The How to Shop Your Closet Master Guide


My name is Olivia, I’m the Liv part of The Liv Diaries (if that wasn’t obvious). 

You’re here because you’re interested in shopping your own closet instead of a retail store and I’m interested in showing you how. 

As an FYI, this guide is a prelude to the 30 Day Shop Your Closet Challenge, which I’ll talk about throughout this guide, and link to at the very end. 

The challenge is completely free, but there is absolutely no pressure to sign up. 

If I’ve done my job right, this guide will be all you need to fall in love with your closet and the pieces in it. The challenge is simply the cherry on top. 

The guide is divided into three sections and organized in a step-by-step fashion for ease. 

I would recommend reading through the guide once first, before starting to physically work on your closet, for planning purposes. 

With that said, let’s jump right in.