For my 9th birthday my mom surprised my best friend and I with tickets to the Jonas Brothers’ 2009 Lines, Vines and Trying Times world tour concert. 

Like many other tween girls my age, I was a MASSIVE Jonas Brothers fan (I was convinced I would marry Nick one day).

It was my most memorable birthday- we took a limo downtown and went out to dinner before screaming out the lyrics to Paranoid at the concert. 

Anyways, I bring this up because I’ve been thinking about privilege lately and how it’s impacted my life and my experiences. 

While it’s not like being driven around in a limo is an everyday occurrence for me, I have had my fair share of limo-riding experiences and I know its an experience that not everyone gets to have. 

Additionally, as a petite person, for example, I benefit from thin privilege. 

I have never had to worry about a store not carrying my size. 

It has never even occurred to me when shopping that a store wouldn’t carry my size. 

When I transitioned into purchasing from sustainable retailers, once again I never had to question whether they carried garments in my size. 

Unfortunately, despite the dramatic shift in retailers increasingly offering more inclusive sizing, size inclusive sustainable brands still feel few and far between.

Why Size Inclusive Sustainable Brands Aren’t As Common As Their Non-Sustainable Counterparts

Despite an obvious market for size inclusivity (the average size of an American women is between 16-18 afterall), this article by Racked outlines the challenges that brands face when they want to increase their size offerings such as costs surrounding new models, pricing strategies, fabric costs, etc. 

Sustainable brands face additional challenges due to the expensive costs involved in sourcing high-quality fabrics, manufacturing and ensuring workers are paid a fair wage. 

Can Sustainable Fashion and Inclusive Sizing Coexist?


The brands featured below are all sustainable and offer sizing up to a minimum of 2XL.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, hopefully as sustainable brands become more mainstream, and sustainable fashion becomes the norm in society, more sustainable brands will be able to offer inclusive sizing to fulfill the increasing demand. 

If you’re considering purchasing something from one of the size inclusive sustainable brands below, be sure to check out this post for tips on how to shop sustainably and what to do with your garment post purchase.

For reference, pricing is in USD, and the size range is based on US sizing. 

Price Range:

$= typically under $50

$$= typically between $50-$100

$$$= typically between $100-$200

$$$$= typically $200+

Alder Apparel

Alder specializes in sustainably and ethically made outdoor apparel. 

They carry women’s shorts, tank tops, pants, tote bags

Based in Ontario

They use recycled nylon, Lenzing Modal, Tencel Lyocell, recycled materials 

Size Range: XS-4X

Price Range: $

Favourite Item: The Open-Air Pants 

Image by Alder Apparel

Ace & Jig

Ace & Jig specializes in clothing created from custom woven fabrications made from textile specialists. 

They carry women’s clothing, home goods, kids’ clothing and accessories

Based in New York and Oregon

Size Range: XXS-4X

Price Range: $$$$

Favourite Item: Keenan Cardi 

Image by Ace & Jig


Birdsong offers made to order clothing, handmade knits and jewelry

They carry knitwear, jewelry, clothing,

Based in the UK

They use organic cotton, secondhand fabrics, recycled polyester, Tencel, bamboo viscose,

Size Range: XXS-3X (0-24)

Price Range: $$$$

Certifications: GOTS, EU Ecolabel, 

Favourite Item: Floral Print Midi-Skirt

Image by Birdsong

Christy Dawn

They carry women’s dresses, loungewear, jumpsuits and overalls, bottoms, tops and blouses, slips, sweaters and outerwear, footwear, kids’ clothing

Based in California

They use organic cotton, deadstock fabric, organic cotton silk, upcycled cotton voile

Size Range: PXS-3X

Price Range: $$$$

Give Back Programs: Farm-to-Closet

Favourite Item: The Dawn Dress in Azure Meadow 

Image by Christy Dawn


They carry t-shirts, crop tops, sweatshirts, sweatpants, mocknecks 

Based in New York

They use organic cotton

Certifications: GOTS

Size Range: XXS-2X

Price Range: $

Favourite Item: Power of Love Black T-Shirt

Image by CHNGE

Eileen Fisher

They carry clothing, shoes and accessories

Based in New York

They use organic cotton and linen, Tencel, responsible wool, recycled cashmere, polyester and nylon

Certifications: Blue Sign Certified

Size Range: XXS- 3X

Price Range: $$$$

Favourite Item: Eggshell Recycled Nylon Hooded Coat

Image by Eileen Fisher


Encircled features sustainable everyday and business wear.

They carry tops, bottoms, dresses, blazers and jackets and accessories

Based in Ontario

They use modal, Tencel Lyocell, rayon from bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, linen

Packaging: uses recyclable packaging

Certifications: Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Size Range: XS-2X

Price Range: $$

Favourite Item: The Fair Hoodie

Image by Encircled

Free Label

Free Label specializes in chic everyday wear made locally in Vancouver and Toronto

They carry women’s tops and bottoms

Based in British Columbia 

They use supima cotton, bamboo rayon, flax linen, lyocell Tencel,  organic cotton, deadstock fabrics

Packaging: packaging is 100% compostable 

Certifications: Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX

Size Range: XS-4X

Price Range: $$$

Give Back Programs: 

Favourite Item: Sage Isabel Wrap

Image by Free Label

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective specializes in size-inclusive activewear

They carry activewear tops, bottom, bras, outerwear and accessories

Based in Washington

They use recycled nylon, recycled polyester

Packaging: Packaging is 100% recyclable 

Certifications: Oeko-Tex, SAI certified

Size Range: XXS-6X

Price Range: $$

Favourite Item: Thyme Unitard

Image by Girlfriend Collective


They carry bras, underwear, loungewear, sportswear

Based in Australia

They use bamboo, natural dyes

Size Range: XS-5X

Price Range: $

Give Back Programs: Environmental Justice Foundation

Favourite Item: Lena High Waist Undies

Image by Hara

Jamie + The Jones

Jamie + The Jones offer one-of-a-kind items and items grown, handwoven and sewn in the US

They carry accessories, home goods, sweaters, tops, dresses, jackets, bottoms, DIY kits 

Based in Tennessee

They use organic cotton, raw silk 

Size Range: XS-4X

Price Range: $$$

Favourite Item: The Sweatshirt Dress

Image by Jamie + The Jones


Londre is a sustainable swimwear and loungewear brand that uses recycled plastic bottles to create their products. They have removed 100,000 plastic bottles from beaches and they remove 3 pounds of litter off of the BC coast with every order. 

They carry swimsuits and loungewear

Based in British Columbia

They use recycled materials

Packaging: Compostable and recyclable packaging and carbon neutral shipping

Certifications: OKEO-TEX 100

Size Range: XS-5X

Price Range: $$

Give Back Programs: offer a recycling program and repair program, Amazon Watch, The Ocean Clean Up Project 

Favourite Item: The Minimalist 

Image by Londre

Mata Traders

Mata Traders gives meaningful work to women in India and Nepal and works to combat child labor and fight against gender inequality. 

They carry dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, skirts, jewelry, accessories, home goods

Based in Illinois

They use organic cotton, linen

Certifications: Fairtrade

Size Range: XS-2X (0-24)

Price Range: $$ 

Favourite Item: Long Sleeve Callie Plus Size Wrap Dress Pink Spots

Image by Mata Traders

Mara Hoffman

They carry clothes, swimwear, accessorries

Based in New York

They use econyl, repreve, hemp, organic cotton and linen, Tencel 

Packaging: Uses compostable plastic polybags, 100% recycled paper mailers, cardboard boxes 

Certifications: Oeko-Tex 100 Standard 

Size Range: XXS- 2X

Price Range: $$$$

Favourite Item: Extended Elle Dress in Ivory

Image by Mara Hoffman


They carry athletic and loungewear, zero waste kits, accessories 

Based in New York 

They use organic cotton, bamboo, soy, modal lyocell, 

Packaging: 100% recycled packaging

Certifications: GOTS, Control Union, WRAP

Size Range: XS-4X (0-26)

Price Range: $$

Favourite Item: The Classic Bodysuit 

Image by Miakoda

Outland Denim

They carry jeans, shorts, skirts, jackets, overalls

Based in Australia

They use organic cotton

Certifications: Certified B Corporation, GOTS

Size Range: XXS-2X

Price Range: $$$$

Favourite Item: Goldie Paperbag Waist Shorts

Image by Outland Denim


Proclaim is a lingerie brand rooted in the belief that fashion should be representative of all women and made to do good for women and the planet. 

Based in California

They use Tencel, recycled polyester

Packaging: poly mailers, wrappers and hangtags are made from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable 

Certifications: USDA BioPreferred

Size Range: S-3X

Price Range: $

Favourite Item: Everyday Bralette

Image by Proclaim


They carry offer organic cotton underwear and basics 

Based in California

They use organic cotton

Size Range: S-3X

Price Range: $$

Favourite Item: Drawstring Pants

Image by Pansy


Parade aims to re-write what it means to be sexy by featuring inclusive sizes, environmentally friendly fabrics and using their platform to support various causes such as Planned Parenthood

They carry underwear, hoodies and sweatshirts

Based in New York 

They use recycled materials 

Certifications: Oeko-Tex

Size Range: XS-3X

Price Range: $

Give Back Programs: 1% of profits donated to Planned Parenthood, donates to Yellowhammer Fund in Alabama

Favourite Item: Silky Mesh High Rise Cheeky in Lemon

Image by Parade


They carry dresses, jeans, basics, sweaters, loungewear, swimwear and underwear

Based in California

They use Tencel Lyocell, Viscose, Tencel Modal, Linen, recycled cotton, organic cotton, econyl, recycled cashmere, alpaca, dead stock fabrics 

Packaging: 100% recycled LDPE bags with biodegradable polymer

Certifications: Bluesign Certified facilities, Oeko-Tex 100 Standard 

Size Range: XS-3X

Price Range: $$$

Favourite Item: Crimini Dress in Grenache

Image by Reformation

Two Fold

Two fold is a small batch clothing company. Their clothing is made to order and made from start to finish in the same facility. 

They carry tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories

Based in North Carolina

They use organic cotton, Tencel, raw silk noil 

Packaging: 100$ recycled packaging

Size Range: XS-3X

Price Range: $$$

Favourite Item: Misako Top in Cotton/ Linen

Image by Two Fold

Two Days Off

Two Days Off makes sustainable clothes that are made to order 

They carry accessories, clothing, personal care products home goods

Based in California

They use deadstock fabric, linen, cotton, wool, ethical silks

Packaging: packaging is reusable and 100% recyclable and biodegradable

Size Range: XS-2X

Price Range: $$$

Favourite Item: Mizue Mockneck Top

Image by Two Days Off

The Classic T-Shirt Company

The Classic T-Shirt Company offers men’s and women’s luxury basics that are sustainably and ethically made. 

They carry men’s and women’s tops

Based in California

They use organic cotton

Certifications: GOTS 

Size Range: XS-2X

Price Range: $$

Give Back Programs: 1% of profits goes towards safe water water, tree planting and ocean cleanup initiatives. 

Favourite Item: Women’s Short Sleeve Crew Neck in Black 

Image by The Classic T-Shirt Company

How Can We Increase the Amount of Size Inclusive Sustainable Brands Out There?

Believe it or not, where you spend your money has value.

By purchasing from size inclusive sustainable brands as opposed to non-sustainable brands, you are showing sustainable brands that you value their work and providing them with the resources they need to grow and expand. 

You are also telling non-sustainable brands that they need to change their system in order to get your business. 

You can also reach out to sustainable retailers and let them know you love their products and would like extended sizing options. 

Remember, your voice has power and where you spend your money can be a reflection of this. 

Like I said at the beginning of this post, this list is not exhaustive and I will be continually updating the list as more sustainable brands offer extended sizing options. 

Let me know in the comments if you know of any other size inclusive sustainable brands not mentioned in this list and I’ll be sure to add them in.

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