3. Prep Your Clothes

By this point in the guide, all items that need repair, should already be repaired (ie. stains or rips). 

I like to re-wash my clothes before they go back into my closet after a rehaul like this.

This is especially important with items that you haven’t worn in a while. 

Nothing kills the #shopyourcloset vibe more than putting on a sweater that smells musky. 

TIP: Make sure all the items that need to be, are pressed and ironed to ensure that every piece in your closet is wrinkle free. 

You might be thinking, I iron my clothes right before I wear them, there’s no point doing it ahead of time. 

To that I would say, you want to make shopping your closet as easy as possible. 

Chances are, if you’re rushing around in the morning and the piece you want to wear needs to be ironed, you might just grab your usual uniform instead, and that kind of defeats the purpose, right? 

In the next section I talk about clothing maintenance. 

Those tips also apply to this clothing prep section, so be sure to talk a look before putting your pieces back in your closet!